Legal Risk Analysis: Avoiding Lawsuits

No business is safe from the threat of a lawsuit in today’s highly competitive and demanding business markets. Competing companies have even tried to use the legal system as a means of stalling and derailing their business competitors. With ever-increasing legislative controls being put into place, it is important for every business to keep up to date with the latest laws that affect their industry or they may face legal sanctions for failing to do so. Lawsuit prevention is possible and it can save your company thousands of dollars in legal fess as well as preventing any losses from business interruption.

It is just like visiting your family doctor for a regular check up; its all about prevention and protection. Legal risk consultants will provide your business with a “corporate check-up” that is designed to assess your corporate legal health. Legal risk can affect every business irrespective of size.

Unlike traditional law firms, we look at ways to help you find solutions before legal problems arise. If you are already involved in litigation, we also offer a range of legal support services.

Preventative Costs or Reactive Costs – Which Is More Costly?

Legal risk affects all businesses and spans all industries. Legal risk can include employment and labor compliance, safety and security compliance, Internet technology control and risk management, privacy compliance and corporate governance and the list doesn’t stop there.

It is far more expensive to be involved in a lawsuit than it is to prevent one. Not only is our Legal Risk Audit service cost effective but it can also be designed to suit any budget and unlike traditional law firms, we also offer flat rate fees. The sooner you begin this process the better positioned your and your company will be and if you become involved in a lawsuit the less your legal fees will be.

We would be delighted to speak to your organization about this exciting new approach and what it has to offer for your business.  Please contact us to arrange for a free informational Law at Lunch Seminar.  If you have questions about our services or packages, simply click the contact button and someone will be glad to assist you.  

Legal Risk Consultants was created by an experienced litigation lawyer in order to help businesses pinpoint and evaluate their legal weaknesses. Litigation and its associated costs derail company objectives and delay company growth and profit. Settling legal disputes as quickly and as cost effectively as possible has forced many industries to focus on reacting to legal problems rather then preventing them. Canadian business and industry are seeking proactive legal strategies to avoid lawsuits before they develop and they are turning to legal risk analysis and internal risk audits as a strategic solution. More than ever before, today’s businesses are changing the way they address and manage risk, corporate governance, and legal compliance. Businesses are evaluating their legal compliance history in an effort to determine what they require now and in the future.

Legal Risk Consultants recognizes the need to assess and manage legal risks proactively. As a part of our commitment to providing your organization with the best practical, creative, and cost effective advice, we offer various services, which will allow you to evaluate and manage your potential legal hazards. We provide you with pre-emptive legal strategies that will allow you to reduce your organization’s exposure to lawsuits so that you can focus on your business.