How Legal Risk Consultants Conduct Audits

We evaluate:

  • Insurance claims history and needs
  • Director and officer liability
  • Corporate governance
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Environmental risks & regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property
  • Employment practices
  • Catastrophic losses and business continuity
  • Internet & e-mail exposure
  • Workplace health, safety and disability
  • Transaction liability (warranties, indemnities and tax liability)
  • Privacy policies
  • Critical incidents that affect community goodwill
  • Lawsuit management

Our Legal consultants have the background to quickly understand client concerns and they can provide the best solutions to meet your needs. We help our clients understand the legal environment around them and recommend strategies that will help protect them against lawsuits. With access to legal consultants across Canada, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to identify risks faced by Canadian businesses. We work with your organization's corporate legal counsel, risk managers and executives in a complementary manner. Where your organization is already engaged in litigation, we can help you manage it in a variety of creative ways.