Creative Legal Strategies: Risk Audits

Some risks are inevitable and can never be completely avoided. Legal Risk Consultants can help you identify how to minimize or retain those risks in a way that avoids their full impact. We are a neutral and independent company that has relationships with numerous law firms all across Canada. If your business already has a preexisting relationship with another law firm, we can contact and work with them to help protect your business and reduce your risk.

At Legal Risk Consultants, we design risk audits that will reduce your exposure to lawsuits and liability thus allowing your business to remain focused on its goals. Our auditors conduct an on-site visit that allows them to identify the risks that stand to damage your organization the most.

During the on-site visit our consultant will:

  • Examine your organizational structure
  • Survey physical operations and front line staff to identify exposure
  • Identify key legal risks and hazards
  • Examine methods of reducing or eliminating those risks
  • Develop risk management strategies and solutions for you to consider and implement

Upon completion of a Legal Risk Audit our clients will recognize how to:

  • Properly assess their needs to reduce potential lawsuits and liability
  • Protect their branding, community goodwill, and corporate culture
  • Obtain up-to-date advice from leading lawyers and use that information to evaluate their current circumstances
  • Gain valuable insight into best practices for managing future risk
  • Design an audit tool that will aid in uncovering possible legal problems